LBH Brasil is part of the LBH Group which is the most extensive ships agency in the world, serving the liquid and dry bulk industry, with a network of more than 80 branches.

The LBH Group offices are strategically situated in the major liquid and dry bulk resource and consuming regions of the world offering you an all encompassing and seamless ships agency service.

You can find LBH around the world, in which countries that LBH actually based with their own offices, in alphabetical order per country, we have pleasure to provide this below.

LBH Australia

LBH Argentina
LBH Belgium
LBH Brasil
LBH Canada
LBH China
LBH Colombia

LBH Curaçao
LBH Egypt
LBH Indonesia

LBH Israel

LBH Italy
LBH Malaysia
LBH Mozambique

LBH Namibia
LBH Oman

LBH Panama
LBH Singapore
LBH South-Africa
LBH Thailand
LBH The Netherlands
LBH Turkey

LBH Ukraine

LBH Uruguay


We, as LBH, will be honored to work with you.

Our international network of proven agencies led by a dynamic team of entrepreneurs who are proactive and fully understand the demands of international shipping are available to work with you. Our customer goal is to improve your business and to actively search out solutions to make your business easier, faster and more profitable but at all times giving you our worldwide high service levels.

The Group's fundamental motivation is our ongoing desire to strength the trust between ourselves and our customers.

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